The National Firefighter Archive


Members of Station 10, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

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It began with a single picture of a New York City Firefighter in July, 2001 . . . and then came 9/11.  If they were compiled into a book, it would be one that I would buy . . . the photographs are gorgeous!”

   Ann Curry, The Today Show

“As we reflect back on the events of 9/11, I always think about all of those who came to help us when we were down.  You are one of those very people who we think about.  You never have forgotten and your work for the fire service carries the dedication you put forth in honor of the “343” members of the FDNY.  Just wanted to say that while we will never forget those who were lost we shall also not forget those who came to our sides when we were down.  Thanks as always for all you have done and continue to do!”

   Michael Gomez, Firefighter, FDNY, Photo Unit

“Ms. Laura Yanes comes with outstanding credentials and a reputation built upon the trust and confidence of our brothers and sisters in the FDNY.”

   Local 244, Albuquerque Fire Department

"It began quietly enough with a single photograph . . . before the words 'ground zero,' 'Al Qaeda' and 'war on terror' became a part of the public vernacular.  The portraits themselves, taken together, form a remarkable document."

   The New York Times

”Laura Yanes is assembling a photo album all Americans can cherish.”

   Ladies’ Home Journal

If Ken Burns ever wants to produce a PBS documentary about Firefighters, he can turn to The National Firefighter Archive for its amazing photos.  Stored there are proud and dignified portraits of the men and women who responded to 9/11, Columbine, Hurricane Katrina, Wildfires, and more.

   Captain Mindy Talmadge, PIO, San Francisco Fire Department

“Portraits are often intense, and always artistic and moving.  Firefighters are happy with the photos, but it’s their families that treasure them.”

   Fire Rescue Magazine

“I’m so impressed . . . they must deeply value your efforts.  Thank you for all you do.”

   President Bill Clinton

“This project started eight years ago in New York City . . . but has come to also symbolize the dedication of firefighters across the nation who have responded to all types of disasters including Katrina and California’s wildfire sieges.”

   Chief Del Walters (Former), CAL FIRE

“It means a lot to the guys.  Seeing their faces, seeing other faces, seeing other companies . . . everyone together again - it’s a good feeling.”

   Firefighter Rob Barron, FDNY

“Through the eye of her camera lens she has found a way to honor our nation’s firefighters.”

   Channel 9 NBC News, Denver

“And so, for capturing the joy amid the sadness, Laura Yanes is our 'New Yorker of the Week'”

   Time Warner Cable, NY1

”A burning desire to make sure that those who protect and serve on a daily basis are never forgotten.”

   WFAA (ABC) News, Dallas

“I was impressed not only by her ability to capture the true pride and nobility of firefighters, but also by her kindness and sensitivity - no doubt honed by her encounters with FDNY firefighters in the aftermath of 9/11.  Her images of firefighters in turnout gear, some with their firefighter fathers or brothers, many with their children, are compelling and dignified.”

   Mike Rogers, President (Former), Local 858, Denver Fire-Rescue

“Each picture Laura Yanes takes of a courageous firefighter is worth a thousand thank you's."

   The New York Post

“It’s clear why so many of our brothers and sisters have placed their trust in her.  FDNY taught her how to capture our love of this job.”

   Capt. Cory Beckwith, V.P., Local 145, San Diego Fire Department

“We have examined her work and find that it reflects the essence of the work done by the brave men and women of the fire service, while fully respecting the honor and dignity of this profession.”

   Mike McOsker, Secretary, Local 112, United Firefighters of Los Angeles

“It will result in an historic record that future firefighters, historians and your families will find invaluable.”

   La Sotto Voce, FDNY Newsletter

“Laura, your work is outstanding.”

   Randy Bruegman, Department Chief (Former), Fresno Fire Department & 2009 IAFC Chief of the Year

“Firefighters love what they do and sometimes they find it really difficult to explain or describe all the things we love about the job. I can say very comfortably that your professional skills and insight have been able to communicate the fire profession with your photography to the ones we love.”

   Jose Escobedo, Battalion Chief, Fresno Fire Department

“I have long admired the work you have undertaken on our behalf and want to extend a truly heartfelt thanks for the passion with which you . . . chronicle our journey”

   Chuck Hawkins, Firefighter, Orange County Fire Authority

“It always, always brings a smile to my face and I’m sure every other mother or wife gets the same feeling when they look at their photos.”

   Catherine McLaughlin, Mother of Firefighter Denis McLaughlin, FDNY

“I would grade this project high above my expectations.  I am extremely happy with the quality of work.  We literally had no problems other than the question of when will Laura be back to do make ups and get those that were not able to get photographed.  I am often approached regarding endorsing something to our people and it usually works out to be more work for me if I’m not careful.  Laura required little assistance and time from me.  I am very happy with the quality of Laura’s work and I look forward to seeing her again to get another “snapshot” of our department.”

       Bret L. Henry, Captain, President, Local 935, San Bernardino County Professional Fire Fighters

“You really do not want to miss this opportunity - if she leaves without your picture taken, trust me, you will regret it.”

   Susan Vasquez,  Wife of Firefighter Albert Vasquez, San Antonio Fire Department

“This is the first time in 25 years of service, I have taken professional photos.  I’m really glad I thought of bringing my son at the last minute!”

   Kim Park, Firefighter, Carlsbad Fire Department

“A real morale booster for the department.”

   Tim Szysmanski, PIO, Las Vegas Fire Department

“I would like to personally thank you for the work you do.  It is people like you that are amongst our truest friends and the most ardent supporters of the fire service.  You should be commended.  I thank you, my family thanks you, and my brothers in the first service thank you for spending time with us, and for including us in the archive.  We are honored.  You will always be welcomed in our house.  I hope our paths cross again.”

Donald Trujillo, Secretary, Redlands Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 1354